Wild boar

Tusker is to be hunted during the whole year. The best hunting fields are the large, connected afforested fields. The 70% of the population of wild boar is to be found in West-Hungary, the 25% int he mountains of Ost-Hungary and 5% is eastwards from the Danube. For individual hunt of wild boar we recommend the time shorty before full moon in every season of the year. In autumn and winter we can combine the hunting possibilities: hunt red deer, fallow deer, wild boar and cull stag. By individual hunt one can bring down wild boar with great tusk in the well equiped hunting fields. We recommend the driven hunts for wild boar in the territories of the state forestries the conditions of nature and the professional game-keepers are the garantee for the success of the hunt. The new rules of hunt allowe to combine the driven hunt wild boar and the hunt the female wild of red deer, fallow deer, roe deer and mouflon. If you want to participate in a driven hunt wild boar you have to make your registration in early year because the good possibilities will be very soon occupied.