Red Deer

Our country, Hungary, in respect of hunt red deer is a classic paardise of hunters in the world. Particularly the hunting fields of the great forestries and game enterprises. They manage on more than several 10.000 hectares and on their hunting fields you can find the best population of red deer. The best trophies come from South-Hungary, from Somogy county and Zala county. The results of the conscientions piece of work of looking after the wildlife show the trophies with a weight above 12 kg. There are also many other hunting fields west from the Lake Balaton owned very good populations with a weight of antlers between 6-12 kg. We recommend to hunt red deer in the mountainous areas of the country as the mountains of Bakony or the of Vértes. Here can you find red deer stags with a weight of antlers between 5-10 kg. The roaring takes from September to the beginning of October. We recommend the hunt sitting from a high stand or the stalking hunt. Please, plan you for your red deer hunt at least 5-6 days of hunting. In addition to the roaring there are possibilities to hunt red deer, in the months of winter too, but is a little bit difficult to bring down a wild.