About us

We have been organising huntings since 2002 and I am very glad when I look back to these past years. I thank very much to my guests for their trust to our hunting office. It is a pleasure for me that the hunters honoured us with the choice plained their hunting trip in Hungary. In the future I would strive to organize for my guest hunters good hunting adventures, abounding in experience and success. For this aim serves my 20 years old professional experience, the good refereneces with the hunting territories. For me, it is a great thing that now I can introduce my office and our possibilities with the help of the technology too, through the internet.

Our partners are famous and reliable hunting fields owned the best quality populations of all fair game. In our country there are the possibility of hunting either in state-owned territories or in territories of a shooting company. The shooting fees are a little higher in the state-owned territories. There are price-allowences mostly by the shooting companies, frequently you can receive a reduction of 10-30%.
Our aim is to organize the hunting trips respecting the claims of our hunting guests. A satisfied guest is the best promotion to convince the others.
For hunting red deer stag, we please plan for at least 5-7 days of hunting for success and good experience.
Proceding your presentation we will recommend you the best suitable possibility of hunting, pension and other services.
Thank you for reading through this introduction and we hope that you will find a pleasure reading the following pages.
We are very thankful that you visited our home-page and we hope that we could arouse your interest. With your questions please referred to our office, our colleagues will inform you.